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Facts you should know about hearing loss:

  1. Symptoms of untreated hearing loss and Alzheimer’s disease are nearly identical.
  2. Hearing loss negatively impacts the average household income, up to $12,000 per year, depending on the severity of the loss.
  3. 18-69 year-olds with hearing loss had significantly higher instances of moderate-to-severe depression.
  4. Untreated hearing loss can contribute to social isolation, anxiety, depression, and even cognitive decline.
  5. Approximately 26 million Americans between the ages of 20-69 have high frequency hearing loss from exposure to loud noises. 
  6. Seniors with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop dementia than those who retain their hearing.
  7. Hearing aids can reduce the effects of dementia and Alzheimer's.
  8. Current smokers have a 70% higher risk to have hearing loss than nonsmokers.
  9. Adults 70 years of age and older with moderate or severe hearing loss were associated with a 54% increased risk of mortality.
  10. People with low-frequency hearing loss are considered to be at risk for cardiovascular events.
  11. People with mild hearing loss are three times more likely to have a history of falling.
  12. Adults who treat their hearing loss have higher employment rates than peers who don’t.
  13. $122 billion: The estimated cost in lost U.S. earnings due to untreated hearing loss. 
  14. And now for the good news: 90-95% of people with hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids.

If you or a loved one is struggling with hearing loss, we're here to help. Contact us below for your free hearing evaluation and put a stop to the negative effects of hearing loss.

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    Better hearing is our passion. It’s been proven that your hearing health is directly connected to your overall health. Hearing loss can reduce your quality of life by making communication more difficult, heightening stress, isolating you from society, and straining relationships with your family and friends. Through better hearing, we can help you live a happier and healthier life.

  • A quality product

    We are proud to be a licensed Starkey Hearing Technologies dealer. Starkey is the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world and the only privately held, American-owned company in the industry. And with over $70 million invested in the research and development of their newest hearing aids, you can be sure that you’re getting the very best products on the market.

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    Since day one of our company’s existence, we have had one simple mission — to make hearing healthcare more affordable for more people in Arkansas. Our everyday prices are incredibly low — up to 52% off MSRP. No tricks. No gimmicks. Better yet, you'll never be asked to pay for cleanings, adjustments, or in-house repairs. We provide all those services free of charge. 

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    We have been serving the people of Arkansas for 6 years. Over that time we’ve grown from a single-location business into the largest hearing aid dealer in the state, servicing more cities and communities than anyone else. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and with over 12,000 patients helped, we have approximately 24,000 ears of experience :)

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