for musicians and audiophiles

When you’re passionate about music, you need the best equipment for the finest outcome in sound quality. Music has never been more personal, thanks to Tunz custom stage monitors. Their natural, balanced sound and pure, rich tones give you total control of your stage mix. Custom fit for your ears, they block out unwanted noise and eliminate the need for traditional stage wedge monitors. By using the expertise and technology of Starkey Laboratories, Tunz are able to deliver exceptional quality, comfort, and the precise technology that will ensure your custom product performs at the level you do.  

Tunz come in four versions:

Tunz Duo S

  • Great entry-level monitors, Tunz Duo S perfectly amplify both mid and high-range sounds, so you can stay on top of what's happening on stage. 

Tunz Trio

  • The natural, live-quality sound of Tunz Trio make them the ideal monitor for keyboard players and singers. They minimize bass to isolate performances more easily.

Tunz Trio B

  • Experience the full range of sound with Tunz Trio B. Custom-fit perfectly to your ears, their triple drivers ensure guitar and bass players never miss a beat.  

Tunz Trio XB

  • Get an extra boost of bass with Tunz Trio XB stage monitors. Recommended for drummers and bass players, they envelope you in a full range of sound, and help you feel every good vibration.  

for professionals

Newscaster/Teleprompter Mold

  • The skeleton style earmold is used extensively by broadcast professionals, reporters, and numerous law enforcement agencies. A canal style is also available. A vent is standard with a curly tube over-the-ear and a female adaptor.

Pilot Headset Mold with Boom

  • A thick shell or receiver style designed to accommodate a boom to support the boom mic attachment of the headset. Professional pilots have several choices in headset communications. Some of the most popular are the Telex 5 x 5 Pro III, Plantronics MS-30, MS-50, MS-57 and 5 x 5 Mark IIA. There are two different styles of booms available: A receiver style earpiece with a snap-on boom and a thick shell style earmold with a screw-set adaptor for the boom.

CEP Connection

  • The CEP earmold is a custom style canal earmold designed to fit the screw set of the CEP pilot connection. 

Anesthesiologist Mold

  • A receiver style earmold that allows a metal snap-on adaptor to fit 1/8 inch size tubing for hooking up to equipment in noisy medical environments. It comes standard with a 42-inch length of tubing.

Racing Receiver Mold

  • Racing molds are used by amateur and professional drivers who demand quality one-way listening communication. The custom design allows maximum comfort and durability and provides excellent sound suppression underneath any racing helmet. Available in full shell and half shell styles and are standard with 18 inch cord length on a mono 1/8 inch jack plug. Stereo jack plugs are also available upon request.

Test Mold

  • A shell of skeleton style earmold with a tubing attachment for listening to ITE/ITC/CIC/RIC style and BTE hearing aids for listen check.

Stent Mold

  • A hollowed shell of canal style earmold to hold the ear canal open.