Coming to Terms with Your Hearing Loss

Nine-million people in the US over 65 years of age live with hearing loss. Another 10-million people between the ages of 45-64 experience the condition. With such high numbers, the Hearing Loss Association predicts that the numbers will still increase shortly.

Other studies also indicate that though hearing loss predominates in about 20% of the total population, less than 50% of people living with hearing loss use hearing aids. This means that hearing loss is not being properly addressed.

Why you should treat hearing loss

A major reason people with hearing loss do not seek treatment earlier is the stigma attached to hearing loss and hearing aids. Recent studies have also indicated that most people who experience hearing loss usually have reduced quality of life and may experience bouts of depression.

This particularly affected seniors as they tend to isolate themselves more from social events. But seeing an audiologist can help you treat hearing loss as they can run tests and diagnose the types of hearing loss you have and offer you solutions.

Trying to understand your hearing loss

Understanding your hearing loss is the best thing you can do to feel more comfortable. Doing research about your hearing loss can help you better understand the condition, and how it may affect your everyday life. Talk to friends or family that have hearing loss, they can talk to you about any signs or indicators they have noticed involving auditory issues.

Hearing loss can be difficult to identify because it can occur gradually or suddenly. Depending on the cause behind your condition, you may develop a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Asking others to repeat themselves frequently
  • Turning up the volume on your stereo or television
  • Avoiding social situations because it’s difficult to clearly hear
  • Difficulty holding a conversation over the phone

Causes of hearing loss

Hearing loss can develop for a variety of reasons, ranging from earwax impaction and noise exposure to aging. Exposure to dangerous noise levels and aging are two incredibly common reasons you may experience hearing loss, both which can be treated with hearing aids. Once you understand more about hearing loss, including its causes and symptoms, you can get a better grasp for what to expect when it comes to treatment.

Treatment options

Your audiologist will run test to see how severe, and the type of hearing loss you have, to further asses the best treatment options that you will need to further prevent you hearing loss. A treatment option your audiologist may suggest is a hearing aid, for the type of hearing loss you are experiencing.

The most common styles of hearing aids include:

  • Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids
  • In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids
  • In-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids.

Hearing health history

If you have already seen an audiologist or have done research on hearing loss, you can help your audiologist properly diagnose your situation. Once your audiologist fully understands your hearing health history, they will be able to assess your needs and find the perfect hearing aid fit for you.

Usually, at this stage, you make concessions and compromises on improving the quality of your life. If your hearing loss is diagnosed as presbycusis or any other sensorineural condition, hearing aids are the best option for you in getting back to your everyday life.

Social isolation

Once your quality of life is affected, you may begin to withdraw from other people and social events. Doing so may trigger depression or anxiety. Getting a hearing aid will help you stay connected with your friends, family and coworkers. You will be able to enjoy all the daily activities that you used to enjoy before your hearing loss.

By staying socially connected once you have your hearing aid you will be able to communicate properly with your loved ones, spouses and coworkers. Hearing aids can amplify the sounds around you, so you will no longer feel like you do not have to participate in conversations.


Accepting your hearing loss will better the quality of your life, with the right treatment options, talk to your audiologist today about the right solutions for you and your needs.

Once you have accepted your hearing loss, you can go back to enjoying the dinners that you may have missed out on, or family gatherings during the holidays.

If you want to learn more information about your hearing loss today contact Natural Hearing Centers today at (888) 221-9156, our team will help you with any questions you have, and we will find the best solutions for you today!