Hearing Aid Technology

As time goes on, hearing aids have only become more advanced. While today’s hearing aid relies on the same technology as the original hearing aid, it looks very little like the device from more than 100 years ago. Moreover, today’s hearing aids come with additional accessories that empower those who wear hearing aids to maximize the benefits of their devices, opening the door to so much more in their life. 

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids

With Bluetooth technology, two digital devices can communicate without the need for wires. These days, Bluetooth technology is fairly commonplace, especially among the use of cellphones, speakers and headphones. The Bluetooth-enabled technology in these devices is the same technology in Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, enabling your hearing aids to connect to devices like:

  • Televisions
  • GPS devices
  • Cellphones
  • Laptops
  • iPads and other digital tablets

Cell phone accessories

The hearing healthcare professionals at Natural Hearing Centers specialize in pairing your hearing aids with cell phone accessories, for easy transitions during phone calls. While federal regulations require hearing aids to be cell phone compatible, this minimum standard might not fit your minimum standard. That’s where cell phone accessories for hearing aids do fit in. Common cell phone accessories include:

  • Telecoils
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Neck loop
  • Ear hook

Neck loops are wires, roughly the size of necklace chains, worn around the neck, that work in tandem with a telecoil. The neck loop sends a signal to the telecoil, usually built into the hearing aid, to amplify the sound. Neck loops are popular for hands-free cell phone use. Ear hooks work in the same manner, but are worn behind the ear or hearing aid instead of around the neck. 

Check with your cell phone manufacturer, as well, to see if they have additional accessories for your phone. 

Rechargeable hearing aids

For individuals who might have difficulty changing batteries, we offer an array of rechargeable hearing products. Rechargeable hearing aids are powered by placing them on a docking station, usually overnight. Rechargeable hearing aids are also wonderful for people who live active lifestyles and are constantly, on-the go. Whether you’re looking for hearing aids or assistive listening devices, you can choose to eliminate the hassle of batteries.