How to Increase the Life of a Hearing Aid?

It’s no secret that getting a hearing aid can improve a person’s life. These incredible devices can turn back the clock on hearing loss, improving your sense of sound, and giving you far more freedom than you would have without them. Of course, though, these benefits will always come at a cost.

With the price of modern hearing aids being so high, it makes sense that you would want to make your device last as long as possible. There are several steps that can be taken when you’re approaching this, and we’ve outlined them so that you can get to work on improving the life of your hearing aid right away.

Regular Cleaning

Thanks to their position inside your ear, it’s impossible to avoid letting a hearing aid get a little bit dirty. Both earwax and external debris can find its way into your hearing aid, blocking the sound holes, and having the potential to damage the sensitive components that make your hearing aid work. Cleaning your hearing aid once or twice a week should be enough to solve this problem, and your audiologist will be happy to show you how to do this.

Hearing Aid Dehumidifiers

Alongside earwax and debris, moisture can also cause severe damage to a hearing aid. This will usually build up over time, with moisture from your body and the air condensing on the inside of your device. Storing your hearing aid in a hearing aid dehumidifier at night can be a great way to combat this, increasing the life of your hearing aid with very little effort. The cost of a dehumidifier like this will usually be less than the price of repairs or a hearing aid replacement.

Battery Health

Modern hearing aids will use one of two different types of batteries; disposable and rechargeable. Looking after these batteries can have a dramatic impact on the life-span of your hearing aid, but the work you do to achieve this will depend on the type of batteries you have.

  • Disposable Batteries: Hearing aids with disposable batteries provide you with the opportunity to change your batteries whenever you like, making it easier to meet its full potential. It’s easy to cause damage when you change these batteries, with both improper methods and dirt on your hands both having the chance to stop the device from working.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: Rechargeable batteries save you from carrying batteries around, but also mean that you have to charge your device on a regular basis. Avoiding over-charging is crucial, but it’s also worth keeping in mind that these batteries can often be replaced by your audiologist.

Proper Storage

Keeping your hearing aid intact in a busy household can be a challenge. Children will always be interested in devices like this, and pets like dogs could easily damage your hearing aid if they think it’s a toy. Storing your hearing aid properly is an easy way to overcome this sort of issue, but you need to find a suitable way to do this.

Hearing aid dehumidifiers are great for storage at home, as they will encase your hearing aid in a box that a pet or a child will struggle to open, while also protecting the hearing aid from drops. These devices are great because they will also remove the moisture from your hearing aid, providing two benefits at the same time. Hearing aids with disposable batteries will also benefit from having their battery door opened during home storage.

Hearing aid boxes are also good storage tools, but these will usually be best for when you need to take your hearing aid out with you and don’t want to wear it. These boxes are usually very simple, but you can find options that include their own batteries to enable you to charge your hearing aids without the need for a wall outlet.

Regular Servicing

Like any piece of technology, time can have a huge impact on your hearing aid, even if you look after it perfectly. For this reason, regular servicing is always a good idea for devices like this. Not only will this ensure that your hearing aid is always working properly, but it will also enable your audiologist to identify and repair issues that could end up costing a lot more in the future.

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