Is It Okay To Wear Just One Hearing Aid?

It can be difficult to accept your hearing loss, or the knowledge that you’ll wear a hearing aid for the rest of your life. While you may not really be open to the idea, imagine when your audiologist recommends wearing two instead of one. This may be a contributing factor to why out of the 28.8million Americans who require hearing aids, less than 16% actually wear them. Although you may be ready to confront your hearing issue, is it essential to wear two? Here are a few benefits of wearing two hearing aids instead of one.

Improved sound localization

Sound localization is the capacity to figure out where a sound is coming from. Our mind is wired to utilize auditory information from the two sides to appreciate exactly where the sound began. Enhanced localization will cause you to quickly notice an individual directly talking to you in circumstances where more than one individual might be talking. Localization is also significant for well-being, permitting you to notice traffic, sirens, or other significant sounds from the environment.

Decreased tinnitus

Tinnitus indicates hearing loss usually characterized by either a regular humming or ringing sound in the ears. The use of hearing aids has offered relief for individuals who have experienced this kind of hearing problem. If you experience tinnitus in both ears, the only option is to treat both using hearing aids. Addressing tinnitus in one ear will still leave you exposed to having it in the other. Treating tinnitus with two hearing aids will promote higher listening comfort, especially your reaction to sudden sounds, and reduce the need to replace batteries now and then.

Better hearing in noisy backgrounds

In a situation where there’s both background noise and speech, the brain will filter through either automatic sounds to understand it. With that being said, one hearing aid will need more clarity and force to separate the speech from the noise. Many hearing aids come with accessible features to automatically minimize the background noise when utilized as a pair.

Decreased auditory deprivation

It’s essential to keep your ears active by animating them with environmental sounds and speech. When one or paired hearing aids are used for a long period without stimulation, the deprived auditory system could reduce your ability to understand speech or increase difficulty hearing in a noisy background. However, wearing two hearing aids will keep the two ears active and better prepared to handle discourses during every listening situation.

The auditory system, which includes the hearing organs and parts of your sensory system, is responsible for your hearing. Although auditory hearing loss is rare, it’s caused by the disruptive nerve pulses moving from the inner ear to the brain.

Minimized listening effort

To get a more balanced hearing, it’s best to treat hearing loss in both ears. Using one hearing aid will require more strain and effort to make up for hearing in just a single ear. Wearing two hearing aids allows what is described as binaural summation. The listener hears a sound at high volume when the two ears pick up the signal simultaneously.

This is much better compared to either ear picking a signal without the other’s support. The binaural summation is also helpful in separating frequencies and improving discourse regardless of whether you are in a calm or noisy environment. With increased volume perception from the two ears, the brain wouldn’t have to do so much. Two hearing aids will require less force and power settings compared to using just one.

Higher satisfaction

If you’re not convinced enough about the benefits of wearing two hearing aids, audiologists have reported higher satisfaction among patients who use two hearing aids as compared to one. A 2011 study proposed a 46% preference by persons who preferred one hearing aid. The study further indicated that those who preferred two hearing devices had a better hearing experience while conducting their day-to-day dealings. This implies a solid preference for using two hearing aids in situations where it can be difficult to measure a hearing test’s success in the audiologist’s office or healthcare center.

Wearing two hearing aids is more beneficial to your listening experience compared to just one. Yet, every patient’s needs are unique and must be analyzed by the audiologist to help you determine which hearing loss treatment is most suitable for you. Schedule an appointment with Natural Hearing Centers or contact them at: (888) 221-9156.