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Welcome to Our Paragould, AR Clinic

Located in Greene County, Paragould is in Northeastern Arkansas on the eastern edge of Crowley’s Ridge. Named after two railroad magnates, J.W. Paramore and Jay Gould, this city has been home to Natural Hearing Centers for the last three years.

Nestled between Ajax Title Services and Brewer Family Investments, our office is located on West Court Street. With parking on-site, we are a short distance from Linwood Cemetery and Kirk Field PGR. We understand how crucial your ability to hear is to your daily life, which is why we offer appointments led by Bekky Bailey, H.I.S., Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and we provide mobile clinics in Corning and Pocahontas.

Hearing Care Services in Paragould, AR

Whether you need a hearing evaluation or simply need to have your device serviced, the team at Natural Hearing Centers is ready to help you on your journey to better hearing. Our comprehensive exams will provide us with a picture of your hearing ability, making it easy to recommend a custom solution if we determine hearing loss is present.

In addition to our hearing loss counseling, we also offer a wide array of hearing aid services to help you keep your device in optimal shape. This program includes routine maintenance checks and inspections, deep cleanings and in-house repairs, in the event you develop a problem.

  • Hearing Evaluations

    Having a suite of hearing tests is the first step to understanding what your hearing ability is. If our comprehensive hearing evaluation determines you have hearing loss, we will walk you through each step of the recommended treatments. This means helping you understand the degree of hearing loss and what you can do to embrace the world of hearing again.

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  • Hearing Aid Evaluations

    Our team is well-versed in hearing aid evaluation and recommendations. If our hearing testing determines you have hearing loss, we will talk to you about the best devices to meet your specific lifestyle, budget and auditory needs. This means walking you through the different styles, which range from those worn behind your ear to discreet, in-the-canal devices, in addition to the features you could benefit most from.

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  • Hearing Aid Repair

    Even with the most stringent care and maintenance routine, hearing aids can succumb to physical damage or routine problems due to aging. Our team is available to fix most hearing aid repairs on-site, making it easier than ever for you to keep hearing your best. If the damage is too extensive for our office, we will send it back to the manufacturer and keep you informed during the repair process.

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  • Hearing Aid Fitting

    When treating hearing loss, hearing aids are the most widely recommended solution to help you communicate again in your daily life. During our hearing aid dispensing and fitting process, we will educate you on the different styles and features available to you. Once you have selected the perfect device for your needs, we will perform a custom fitting to ensure the most comfortable and seamless fit.

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  • Earwax Removal

    Earwax keeps the delicate workings of our inner ear free from debris, dirt, and germs. However, people sometimes produce too much earwax, especially if they wear hearing aids. Our hearing specialists can help remove excess earwax by using special tools in a safe and pain free method.

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Hearing Products in Paragould, AR

We know your hearing loss is as unique as you are, which is why we offer unique solutions to meet your specific needs. With a plethora of styles to choose from, we’ll talk to you about our most popular models, including: in the canal (ITC), invisible in canal (IIC), completely in canal (CIC), in the ear (ITE) and behind the ear (BTE).

Once you find the device most adept to your needs, we will help you find the features to compliment your new technology. These may include anything from Bluetooth and multisettings to directional microphones and noise reduction. Once we’ve matched you with suitable technology, we’ll teach you about everything about your device, including proper care, maintenance and storage practices. We also offer adjustments, cleanings and repairs on-site in our office, to ensure your devise serve you for years to come.

Hearing Aid Styles

Before you know which manufacturer, you’ll choose it is important to know which style of hearing aid you’ll need; that is, which type of hearing aid from which you will receive the most benefit. Because there are many types and degrees of hearing loss, there are many styles and types of hearing aids.

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Hearing Protection

We understand the first step to preventing hearing loss is finding the right protection for your needs. That’s why we have a plethora of different styles and types of protection available, from custom options for a secure fit to hobby-specific varieties.

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Hearing Technology

Finding a compatible hearing device isn’t the only step to treating hearing loss, we want to ensure you have the right features for your needs, too. That’s why we’ll work with you on finding the best hearing technology to benefit your lifestyle, hearing loss and budget.

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We offer a great selection of hearing aids from various manufacturers in a variety of hearing aid styles to better suit your hearing loss needs.

  • audibel
  • caption-call
  • phonak
  • signia
  • sonic
  • starkey

Our Hearing Specialists Serving You

Our practice is staffed with experienced professionals, including our hearing instrument specialists. We provide a variety of services, from hearing evaluations to picking out the right device for your needs. Talk to our staff today!

We Offer Mobile Events!

We regularly host hearing care events in cities and towns throughout Arkansas. Our mobile clinic host locations change frequently, depending on availability and need. Visit our mobile clinic page or sign up below to be notified when we add new events in your area. 

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