Hearing Aid Services

Discovering you’re eligible for hearing aids is like discovering the door to a new world. Walking through that door is an exciting, memorable journey and you’re likely to have questions and concerns along the way. We are dedicated to taking care of you like you’re one of the family. It’s our promise to ensure you’re treated with compassionate care from the moment we say hello to that special moment when you’re really hearing again for the first time.

Hearing aid evaluation

Most people who could benefit from hearing aids – 83% in fact, according to estimates by the World Health Organization – don’t actually use them. We believe there shouldn’t be any barriers standing in the way between you and an open door to better hearing. During a hearing aid evaluation, our specialists will work close with you to discuss your lifestyle and budget needs in conjunction with your type and degree of hearing loss. These factors combined will empower you to make an informed decision you can be confident in.

Hearing aid fitting and programming

After you have been diagnosed with hearing loss and have chosen the hearing aids that will bring you the best benefit at the best price point, the next step in your hearing loss journey is the hearing aid fitting and programming appointment. During the fitting and programming appointment, your specialist will take the time to ensure your new devices, any molds or impressions previously taken are a perfect fit. In addition, you will learn how to use your new hearing aids and be able to ask your specialist any questions you may have about taking care of and using your new devices.

Hearing aid repair

At Natural, we understand that accidents happen. Even though today’s hearing aids are built tougher than ever, they’re still delicate instruments that can break if left unattended. 

Sometimes hearing aids can be fixed at home with some DIY tricks and tips. Before calling us, try the following:

  • Make sure your hearing aids have fresh batteries
  • Clean your hearing aids and make sure they are free of any debris
  • Make sure the settings, such as volume, on your hearing aids are correct

If everything looks good, but the devices still aren’t working right, give us a call. Our specialists are specially trained and highly qualified to repair many makes and models of hearing aids. If we aren’t able to repair your devices in the clinic, we will work with your hearing aid manufacturer to expedite your repair.