What are the Best Earplugs for Concerts?

Going to a concert, either as a spectator or as a musician, means that you are exposed to a wide variety of noise. Whether you go to a classical concert or heavy metal gig, being exposed to any loud music over a long period of time can result in hearing problems such as tinnitus, but can also decrease your hearing quality over time. This is why it’s important for everybody to use earplugs. 

Why should you wear earplugs at concerts?

If you’ve ever been to a concert and come home with a muffled sound or ringing ears, it usually goes away after a couple of days. One loud concert can be all it takes for a lifetime of hearing problems. Experiencing irreversible hearing damage can occur at a low volume, such as 85 decibels. To compare this to a typical conversation this is around 60 decibels. As most concerts can easily hit 100 decibels, your ears are only able to cope with that level of sound for 15 minutes without any adequate protection.

What are the most important features of an earplug for concerts?

For those who go to concerts on a regular basis, there are four key things that earplugs need to provide:

  • Protecting the ears: This is obviously the most important component. Having good quality earplugs that protect your hearing will reduce tinnitus. You need an earplug that has a decent sound reduction, but without it being too much that it impacts the quality of the concert.
  • Helping the individual to enjoy the music: Sound quality is the most crucial feature, especially when you pay so much to go to a gig. It is best to go for an earplug that has what is called equal attenuation over the entire hearing spectrum. This means that equal attenuation across all frequencies will result in a natural sound experience without the sound being distorted.
  • Provides comfort: You don’t want to think about the fact that you are wearing earplugs. Comfort is crucial. Put simply, finding an earplug that is easy to take in and out is the most important feature. You need to find an earplug with a tip that has soft contact and a tailored fit. In addition, the right material needs to benefit your needs. The two common types are silicone and memory foam.
  • They complement your style: Earplugs might not bother you that much but if you are a regular concertgoer, you need something that is either really discreet or something that matches your style.

What types are there?

Earplugs and noise protection come in a variety of forms. These are the four most common:

  • Disposable noise plugs: These are the least expensive options for regular concertgoers as you wear them once and you can dispose of them. They are generally made of foam, and they need to be discarded after each use.
  • Reusable noise plugs: Usually made of soft silicone material, they need to be cleaned after every use. Reusable noise earplugs either come corded or non-corded. Some also include a carrying case, making it ideal for regular concertgoers.
  • Earmuffs: If you are continually exposed to loud music, for example if you work with musicians, earmuffs are an incredibly effective form of noise protection. Commonly used for people that work with machinery, these types of ear protection provide more noise attenuation than earplugs. And for individuals that can’t find a comfortable form of earplug, this is a fantastic option. 
  • Custom noise plugs: This is the most efficient approach when it comes to blocking out any excessive noise. Custom noise earplugs can be purchased via an audiologist who takes an impression of your ear, resulting in a custom fit.

Looking for advice?

People who go to concerts on a regular basis can find themselves being exposed to excessively loud noise. It is possible to experience temporary hearing issues and this is more common. However, if you expose yourself to loud noise on a regular basis, where the temporary hearing loss changes from what is called the temporary hearing threshold shift to permanent noise-induced hearing loss, you need to learn about the best methods of protecting your hearing.

If you are concerned that your hearing is deteriorating or you are looking for custom-fitted earplugs that are discreet and comfortable, we can help you to protect your hearing so you can experience concerts the way they were meant to be. To learn more, get in contact Natural Hearing Centers at (888) 221-9156 to discuss the options available.