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How Employees Can Protect Their Hearing at Work

April 18, 2022

From music shows to busy factories and even the everyday office, noise levels can reach potentially dangerous levels if managers and employees are not careful. Noise that exceeds 85 decibels is considered hazardous to ear health, and long-term exposure to this amount of noise can harm ears permanently.  It is the responsibility of supervisors and […]

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The Problem With Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids

March 28, 2022

When you have hearing loss, the number one kind of treatment that you are likely to get is a hearing aid. These days, hearing aid technology is incredibly powerful, and you’ll be amazed at how good they are as devices to help your hearing. But even with hearing aids, you are going to need to […]

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8 Subtle Signals Your Hearing is Failing

February 21, 2022

Hearing loss is something that everyone needs to be aware of and to think about on a regular basis. After all, it can happen to anyone. The good news is that it has never been more treatable, and there are so many options for what you can do in order to ensure that your hearing […]

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Forget 312 Batteries – Why You Should Start Thinking About Rechargeable

January 31, 2022

When you have a hearing aid to wear, there are a number of factors that you need to bear in mind in order to ensure that you are looking after it and taking care of it in the long-term. If you are not looking after it, it is not going to last as long and […]

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Which Are The Most Popular Types Of Hearing Aids?

December 22, 2021

As many as 36-million Americans live with hearing loss, and that number will only increase as more people are diagnosed with noise-induced hearing loss due to an increase in industrial activity. The good news is that there are many ways to treat this condition, including using a hearing aid. Read on for information on which […]

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How to Properly Maintain Your Hearing Aids

November 30, 2021

There are many things that people with hearing loss should avoid, but there are also a few simple steps you can take to make sure your hearing aid lasts longer. Below we will discuss some straightforward methods for taking care of your hearing aids and extending their lifespan. Clean Them Regularly Having dirty hearing aids […]

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How To Find The Best Audiologist In Your Area

October 28, 2021

Choosing the right local audiologist for you is not an easy task. It can be hard to know which one will be best suited to your needs with so many choices. However, there are certain steps that you should follow in order to find the right audiologist for you. That said, here are some tips […]

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The Connection Between Hearing Loss And Tinnitus

September 29, 2021

Medical research conducted over previous years has indicated that those who have tinnitus also experience hearing loss. About 15% of adults experience the phenomenon, which causes a ringing sensation in the ears. The sound may either come from a distance or inside your head and occur in one ear or both. Also, the sound may […]

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5 Tips for Traveling with Hearing Loss

August 24, 2021

It can be challenging for hearing loss patients to embark on meaningful adventures. But thanks to the invention of hearing aids, you should be able to have a safe and rewarding trip if you apply the following tips. 1. Get Ready Beforehand Before you book a hotel or Airbnb, ask if there are special accommodation […]

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Does Health Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?

July 15, 2021

Audiologists may prescribe hearing aids for people with hearing loss conditions. Hearing loss patients may want to find out if they qualify for monetary assistance when seeking hearing healthcare. Well, the truth is that hearing aids are among the few essential medical devices that are not covered by insurance. Many private insurance companies don’t cover […]