Hearing Care Services

Hearing Evaluations

If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss, or if you suspect a family member might have hearing loss, our hearing professionals can help by performing a complete hearing evaluation. This simple, pain-free series of tests will determine the type and degree of hearing loss an individual has, and in which ear. Did you know hearing loss can differ between each ear?

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Hearing Aid Services

For individuals who are candidates for or already wear hearing aids, our hearing specialists provide full assistance services for the devices. Whether you need to be tested to determine if hearing aids are right for you, get your new devices fitted, or have your old hearing aids adjusted or repaired, we are committed to your wellbeing and hearing health.

Earwax Removal

Cerumen, or earwax, is a naturally occurring substance. While it might seem like a nuisance, earwax is also beneficial, keeping the delicate workings of our inner ear free from debris, dirt, and germs. However, people sometimes produce too much earwax, especially if they wear hearing aids. If left untreated – or if treated with cotton swabs – excess earwax can become impacted and hinder hearing even more. Our hearing specialists can help remove excess earwax by using special tools in a safe and pain-free method.

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Continuing Services

Everyday hearing aids are set into highly volatile environments: the ear canal. While we might not think of the ear canal as highly volatile, for a small piece of electronic equipment, a moist, waxy nook isn’t the best place to be. As such, it is important to routinely clean your hearing aids. When cleaned on a routine basis, hearing aids can last, on average, seven years. If you need assistance with fine tuning, our hearing health professionals are happy to help you with your hearing aids.