Signs your Hearing Aid Need Repairs

Your hearing aid is such a vital tool for your quality of life. Hearing aid makes life easier for people experiencing hearing loss, but also makes life safer and more enjoyable. For all the benefits hearing aids have, they can experience wear and tear after many years of use. There are a wide variety of factors that can cause damage to your hearing aids which can result in repairs. As well as exposure to water, humidity and wax build-up, you also need to look for the following signs that your hearing aids need repairs.


This is one of the most common issues found by audiologists. Feedback is something that many users believe is a regular occurrence. However, this is not true. If feedback is a regular occurrence, it is usually for a very serious reason and needs addressing by an audiologist. There are many reasons for feedback. For example, there can be canal blockages to cause feedback, or there can be fitting issues with the device.

Changes in volume

Hearing aids are created for the individual to adjust the volume to their personal needs. If the volume is fluctuating wildly and you notice you cannot make these adjustments, this could be down to an internal problem. It may very well be wear and tear or old age. Either way if this occurs you need to get the hearing aid checked by an audiologist.


Hearing aids should provide crystal, crisp and clear sound. If you are finding that there is significant interference with your device, resulting in distorted noises, an audiologist can repair this. One of the main reason’s distortion occurs is down to the amplifier. The amplifier can attempt to output the sounds too loudly for the user’s comfort. There are other causes, such as earwax.

Broken components

If you are not using a hearing aid that is appropriate to your lifestyle, you may very well cause the device damage by accident. Some physical issues can occur, such as cracks in the model shells. Without these being addressed right away, they can result in the hearing aid dying a slow death.

The great thing about these little pieces that they are easily repaired and replaceable when contacting an audiologist. Wear and tear are a natural part of your hearing aid’s lifespan, but if you are not using the right hearing aid for your lifestyle or you’ve made significant changes in your life, you may very well be unwittingly causing damage to it.

Recurring hearing aid issues

If there are problems that keep coming back, such as the sound disappearing and returning, this might mean that the battery is defective. You can replace the battery as the first port of call, but if the problem continues, you need to get professional assistance from an audiologist.

Your hearing is deteriorating

You need your hearing aid to deliver the best possible results. If your hearing aid is deteriorating or you think that your hearing is not what it was, it’s important to consult an audiologist to reprogram the device. This will ensure that every frequency is captured perfectly. In addition, if your hearing is deteriorating, an audiologist can reassess the quality of the hearing aid to see if it suits your lifestyle. If not, they may recommend changing the model or upgrading.

There is no sound from the device

This may seem obvious, but if there are little to no sounds coming from your device, you need to contact your audiologist right away. There could be a wide variety of reasons your hearing aid isn’t working. There can be technical issues due to the microphone not picking up the sound blockage at the output, or an issue with the amplifier.

But for all these issues, it could be due to your hearing issues as well. When you are experiencing no sound from the device, contact your audiologist and they will perform the necessary repairs. An audiologist will give you advice on how to prevent these issues from occurring in the future. 

A hearing aid is a device that can make a massive difference to your life. But when it is not working, it can be frustrating to get to the bottom of the reasons behind it and it impacts your life instantly. If you are experiencing issues with your hearing aid, consulting an audiologist to troubleshoot and solve these problems should be your first call. If you are experiencing any issues with your hearing aid, contact Natural Hearing Centers at (888) 221-9156 and we will be ready to fix your hearing aid.