What Are the Best Earplugs for Hearing Protection?

An earplug is a device that is used to protect your ears. It is inserted into your ear canal to help protect it from loud noises. Earplugs come in different forms, the majority are made from soft plastic, silicone, PVC, or Polyurethane and include standard earplugs, molded earplugs for the wearer, and specialized earplugs for people like musicians. When used and fitted correctly they provide good sound attenuation. The type of earplug needed will depend on the use, needs, and personal preference. 

The benefits of earplugs 

The main advantage of earplugs is the protection they provide you your ears. They fit directly in the ear canal and because of this, they offer much greater protection than using ear muffs. This makes earplugs suitable for when you need the maximum amount of protection for your ears. For example, working in loud environments like foundries, airports, or factories. 

Earplugs are also extremely light and easy to carry around. They are small and usually come in a small case that is specifically designed to fit in a pocket. On the contrary, earmuffs are much more difficult to protect and carry, which is why many workers opt for earplugs instead. 

If you also need to wear other types of personal protective equipment, then the earplugs are a good choice as they won’t get in the way. Because earplugs fit comfortably into your ear canal, It is really easy to wear them with other personal protective equipment. This is why earplugs are a common choice for workers who need to wear goggles or a helmet. 

The negatives of earplugs

One of the main issues with earplugs is the fact they can sometimes be difficult to fit. They rely on been fit properly into the ear canal in order to provide the right protection. This can sometimes be difficult to guarantee. However, if workers trained on how to fit them correctly, then they will be able to receive the correct level of protection. 

Another issue that you may face is that they are sometimes impossible or difficult to wear if you have an ear infection. It’s better to steer clear of both earplugs and noisy environments if you do have an ear infection and can get the right level of protection. 

Types of earplugs

There are several different types of hearing protection plugs that you can use. You can also get the majority of them in either a disposable easy to use earplug or a custom-fit design that can be used again and again. 

Swimming earplugs

These earplugs are great for people who swim on a regular basis. They help to prevent water from getting into your ear and causing ear infections. If you choose to have custom made, the silicone doesn’t harden or shrink and some of them even float. 

Industrial earplugs

These are good for people who work in an industrial environment, loud environments, DIY enthusiasts, or who regularly use tools like lawnmowers or power tools. These plugs can help to provide essential protection from prolonged exposure to high decibel sounds. Are they are custom built that they provide extra comfort and give you extra peace of mind that your work or hobby isn’t affecting your hearing. 

Flight earplugs

These are specially designed to help alleviate the pressure or discomfort of pressure changes when flying. They use a unique filter system to ensure you are still able to hear conversations around you. 

Music earplugs

Whether you’re a regular concert-goer, musician, or clubber music plugs are what your need to help protect your hearing from loud music. Don’t worry the original clarity will still be intact and they won’t block out conversations. 

Bike earplugs

Motorcycle engine noise and wind are a continuous problem for motorcyclists. Both of these are capable of seriously damaging your hearing. Many motorcyclists may not think about them, however, bike earplugs are perfect for providing everyday protection. They fit comfortably into your ear so you are able to wear them under your helmet with ease. They will help to dramatically reduce the engine and wind noise without making you feel isolated from the road. 

Protecting your hearing is essential, and when you are in noisy environments one of the best ways you can do that is by using earplugs. There are many environments that you may need to use them. If you are looking for more information or are interested in custom earplugs to protect your hearing give us a call to learn more about Natural Hearing Centers at (888) 221-9156.